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  • Hours and Location
    I am physically located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Louisiana residents can receive therapy in-person or virtually. Florida residents can receive therapy virtually. I am available virtually Monday-Thursday from 9-4 pm. I am in-person at my office (Spyre Center, 1772 Prytania St.) on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Payment & Insurance
    50 minute sessions for individuals are $225. 80 minute sessions for couples and/or individuals are $300. **I do not accept insurance, communicate with insurance companies, or complete insurance paperwork. This means it is your sole responsibility as the client to pay in full at time of our scheduled appointment. All clients are expected to provide method of payment which will be kept on file and will automatically be charged after scheduled session (usually between the hours of 12am-2am). **I provide Superbills to clients upon request. It is not guaranteed that your insurance will accept Superbills or that you will receive reimbursement from them for our sessions. It is your responsibility as the client to communicate with your insurance company about out-of-network benefits or utilize a third party like Thrizer to handle the claims and reimbursement process for you.
  • Cancellation/Commitment Policy
    I have a strict 24 Hour Commitment policy. This means if you are unable to attend a scheduled session, you are still financially responsible for the session cost and will be charged regardless of whether or not you attend the scheduled session. This policy is mutually beneficial in that it a) strongly encourages you as the client to maintain your therapy appointments as a consistent priority in your life schedule and helps holds you accountable to do so, and b) allows me as the professional to more effectively anticipate my income and schedule and plan my life accordingly.
  • What issues do you have the most experience supporting clients with?
    Anxiety Breakups Burnout Childhood abuse and/or neglect Communication skills Identifying & communicating emotions Questioning identity and values Life transitions LGBTQIA+ issues Navigating New adulthood (ages 21-28) Navigating new parenthood Overthinking & worrying Self-consciousness Low self-esteem Relationship anxiety & insecurity Work stress Social anxiety Sexual issues: low desire, low confidence, and not feeling safe enough for sex (& more!) Sexual assault and abuse Sex Work related stress (dealing with judgment of others, navigating dating as a SW, the emotional stress of the job as well as the financial ups & downs of the profession)
  • What is your therapeutic style? What kind of techniques can I expect to be used?
    Therapeutic Style: My therapeutic style is very Humanistic: it focuses on self-discovery, empowerment, and finding meaning. Sessions are unstructured, my number one goal is to meet the client (that's you!) where they're at. It's really important to me that you set the pace and direction, I'll follow your lead. I truly believe my clients are the experts in their own lives, I'm someone with lots of training on how to help you apply the innate knowledge and skills you already have. I love this way of doing therapy because it teaches you the tools for a lifetime. We might be talking about fighting with your coworker- but the lessons you pick up from that interaction will apply everywhere. Techniques: I have quite the toolbox for techniques! Most often I'm using a mix of psychodynamic theory to explore how we got here, Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) to shift unhelpful thoughts, and Somatic Theory to help regulate our bodies so we can stay present to deal with the tough stuff. My technique blends top-down (brain-led) as well as bottom-up (body-led) to create whole body healing. I also like to use Inner Child/Parts work, Coaching, and Energetic Principles as well.
  • Do I have to identify as female?
    Nope! I have specialized training in working with women and people who identify as femmes, however I can provide services to anybody regardless of gender identity or expression.
  • How long will I be in therapy?
    Annoying answer but... it depends! It usually takes at least 3 months for changes to happen, but I'd say the average is about 6 months to get really comfy in your progress. Most people start coming either weekly or biweekly. Once we've reached their therapy goals, they might switch to 1x/month for maintenance and support. Others will graduate from therapy. This number is just an estimate: many, many of my clients are coming in with what we call "complex trauma": meaning it was ongoing for many years or is layered with other traumas (for example, growing up in a home with verbal abuse AND ALSO experiencing a car accident). The circumstances of these situations can take more time to unpack. That will likely extend the timeline of your therapy journey, but you should also start feeling at least some relief within six months. Graduates are always welcome back for "tune up" sessions.
  • Do you run groups?
    Yes I do! The best way to stay in the know about those (and receive special discounts) is to sign up for my newsletter. A free, weekly (well, almost) newsletter straight to your inbox with: ​ links to the latest blog/vlog posts on mental health and whole-body health interviews with awesome practitioners like nutritionists, pelvic floor physical therapists, acupuncture providers, & more! exclusive discounts on groups & workshops recommendations on podcasts, books, and TV shows as well as pop culture reflections Sign Up Here ​ (I am the only person who has access to my email list. I will never, ever, ever sell or share your information without your consent.)
  • How do I get started?
    Book a free Consultation! Click the above link, then click "Request Appointment" and pick a time slot that works for you. In this 20 minute call, you'll give me as much information as you'd like to let me know what's going on and what you're looking for. I'll answer any questions you have about me specifically, therapy generally, and scheduling/etc. You can also either call or text: 504-264-6971 or email:


The Office at Spyre Center


In-person therapy is available on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Spyre Center, located at 1772 Prytania St., NOLA.

Virtual therapy is available Monday through Thursday to Louisiana and Florida residents.



Eleanor Hamilton-Wohl, LCSW

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