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People Pleasers


There's a shitty roommate in your brain and they're causing all kinds of trouble!

You find it easy to show compassion to others, but struggle to have self-compassion. You struggle to give yourself a break, even though you’ve given every single other person grace time and time again.


You are the friend everyone calls when they need something. You spend all day helping others and are left exhausted at the end of the day.


You might be:

  • Overwhelmed by worry

  • Drained 

  • Stuck constantly comparing yourself to others, thinking “If I just had this or that, THEN my life would be perfect!”

  • Struggling with “weird” physical symptoms that can’t be explained medically (especially chronic pain or stomach problems)

  • Feeling like you can’t “get on the same page” as your partner(s)

What we do

 People Pleasers

Survivors of Trauma


Yoga Class

Talk Therapy & Somatic Therapy

You've got options!

Clients can choose between all talk therapy, all somatic therapy, or a mix of the two.

Both are tools to help you heal from:

  • Trauma or pain from childhood (physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse)

  • Memories, sensations, flashbacks that are feeling disruptive

  • Digestive upset or chronic pain that just won't go away

  • Big life changes (break-ups, moving, job changes)

  • Navigating relationships (feeling stuck in a specific role within family, friendships, and/or romantic partnerships)

  • Grief & loss

  • Identity exploration and crisis

  • Managing panic attacks and overwhelming feelings of anxiety

  • Body image struggles

  • Creating and maintaining meaningful boundaries

  • Navigating issues with sex and intimacy

  • Sex Work related stress (dealing with judgment from others, staying sane during the feast to famine cycle of the job, navigating dating as a SW)


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People Pleasers

Every day you wake up and go to work. You pour your energy into your friends and family, always making sure everyone else is okay. But when it's quiet, you get a feeling that something's off. 


When you're not distracted by work, your relationship, or your friends, there's an inner critic berating you. Not only is this inner critic exhausting, they're also causing problems: you feel like you're constantly self-sabotaging.

You might be:

  • Trapped in a thought loop where you can't stop thinking about that one "stupid" thing you said.

  • Resentful- there never seems to be enough time for the things you actually want to do even though you constantly show up for everyone else. You've gone to every single one of your friends' birthday parties but no one even sent you a birthday text.

  • Feeling like a shape shifter- you're so used to changing how you think for others, that sometimes you worry you've lost yourself.

  • Struggling with “weird” physical symptoms that can’t be explained medically (especially chronic pain or stomach problems).

  • Feeling responsible for the way other people feel- especially your partner. Your day is ruined when they don't text you back.

Rebels can experience a lot of distress and discomfort when they find themselves caught in people-pleasing cycles. Not only is there the shitty relationships to deal with, but there’s also this deep down sinking feeling that “this is not who I am. This is not who I want to be”.

Do you want to drop the people-pleasing and just be the fantastic rebel that you are? The one that inspires creativity, play, connection, and peace.


Do you want to feel confident in expressing yourself: whether that’s aesthetically, socially, or sexually? Then click the link below to book a free consult.

Survivors of Trauma

You might've put what happened in a box in the way back of your brain because it just feels too big to handle alone. Maybe you're still trying to figure out if what happened "counts" as an assault (if you have to ask, it probably does). The people in your life have been dismissive of your experience and most of them don't want to talk to you about it.


Everyone keeps talking about "loving yourself" and "loving your body" but it's really hard to do that. You can capture that feeling temporarily but it doesn't stick around long enough to make a difference. Most of the time, you walk around feeling like everything is your fault. No matter what you do, you can't "fix" it.

You might be:

  • Overwhelmed by worry

  • Exhausted, sometimes you have a really hard time sleeping

  • Feeling really uncomfortable in your skin & not comfortable with your reflection in the mirror

  •  Noticing it's really hard to connect to your sensuality, and having a hard time getting on the same page sexually with your partner

You don't want this experience to define you: you want it to be part of your story, not the whole story.

Ready to take control over your story? Book a free consultation today.

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You wake up one morning, realizing you barely know the person next to you. How did we get here?


  • Feel like you don't even recognize yourself anymore

  • Might be constantly annoyed by your partner: it seems like you're the last priority

  • Are fighting for your relationship but it's freaking exhausting. You need help from a fresh set of eyes.

  • Struggle to be on the same page with sex and intimacy (whether that's a difference in desire for sex or different interests)

Couples therapy is not the place where one person has to accept all of the blame for what's going on in the relationship. Relationships are a two-way street and so is healing.

I will teach you specific skills and techniques for better communication and connection to bring new energy into your relationship. Re-ignite the spark and feel closer than ever!

All couples welcome, including Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM)/Poly, Queer/LBTQIA+ couples, and Kink Community. 


Let's go.

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